Friday, July 27, 2012

tool 11

1.  I like Blog,  Skype, and Wallwisher because they allow me to interact with my students and their teachers.  I will use all of these to interface between the students and teachers to keep all assignments needed to keep them current.
2.  I actually thought this would not apply to me as PRS instructor, but have seen that I will be able to use many of the tools.  I plan to do much of the orientation as a webpage.  I can do much of the planning and scheduling as well as their check out online.
3.   I feel I am more prepared and willing to try new technology in the classroom.

tool 10

1.  I would want the students to be responsible, respectful users, to understand that not everything on the internet is true and they must use approved sites for information.  Most importantly they must understand that once you share something on the internet, it is never private and they can never take it back.
2.  Online Behavior: iSafe is dedicated to educating and empowering users to safely control online exposure.
3.  I will stress the importance of being  a good digital citizen and make it relevant by relating to current events that show examples of consequences from inappropriate use of technology.
4.  I have a form that is sent home before the student is given access to our technology.  The form requires that the parents and student sign responsibility of knowledge of the rules and expectations listed.

tool 9

1.  Most every job now requires the knowledge of technology.  We can't just teach technology to pass a class or submit a project for a grade.  The students must learn to use technology in order to be competitive in the world they will have to survive in.2.  The students must be taught responsibility for the devices and made aware of their worth.  They also must be taught proper use to keep them on safe sites.  It is important to teach proper use and etiquette to understand the hurt and damage,  not only to the equipment, but also to people that can be done with improper use.3.  TenMarks:  I like that it is interactive and that the instructor can view the student progress at any point.Thinkfinity:  I like this one because it is also interactive and I think the students will like the game and therefore be more likely to do the assignment.  Since both are interactive the instructor can check and monitor the time and work to make sure students are staying on task and progressing.4.  Animoto Videos;  I like this one for the digital storytelling which allows the student to be creative while learning a necessary ;  I like this one because the students can download this once and then it is available to them even when the internet isn't.5.  They can use the calendars to keep the schedule of their assignments, they can access and read various texts, and use the digital storytelling in numerous ways.

Tool 8

1.  Things I learned

-  To take  photos and videos on Net books
-  How to sync my iphone to my lap top.

2. Teach respect, expectations, and care of the devices.  Monitor students to insure proper use and to keep them on task. Allow the students to use devices on their own time to experiment and come up with their own projects.  And last allow the students to teach me new things that they learn.

tool 7

Content Objective: Via Skype teachers can share there lesson plans with me and our shared students.  This will allow students to use technology and access and submit assignments in a more timely manner.

Plan for implementation: Each PRS student will be assigned a personal netbook to use to Skype home campus teachers for assignments and to use to submit assignments online, thus saving both time and supplies.

Tools for use: The personal netbooks with webcam and free Skype account.

Project Plan Description:  Each student will set up skype account with teachers  so that everything is in place before they go on maternity leave. This will allow students to practice and make sure they understand the concept before leaving campus.  This will allow students to stay current with all assignments during their absence from class..

tool 6

Poll Everywhere:
Poll Everywhere is great way to get feedback anonymously to check for understanding and see if you need to reteach or if they are ready to move forward. It will encourage participation by allowing them to use their personal technology devices in the classroom.

Wallwisher will be an especially useful tool for communicating with my students, since they are only in class twice a week.  This will free up valuable class time for actual instruction.

Monday, June 25, 2012

tool 5

Click on the link below to view my Make Beliefs Comix!

This a fun way to incorporate technology into a lesson by having having the students create their own comic strip for any subject or topic.

Below is another example of introducing new technology skills to our students, that makes it fun and easy to use...

Using Bookr was an easy way to share a visual story with your students and for them to create a book of their own.