Friday, July 27, 2012

tool 9

1.  Most every job now requires the knowledge of technology.  We can't just teach technology to pass a class or submit a project for a grade.  The students must learn to use technology in order to be competitive in the world they will have to survive in.2.  The students must be taught responsibility for the devices and made aware of their worth.  They also must be taught proper use to keep them on safe sites.  It is important to teach proper use and etiquette to understand the hurt and damage,  not only to the equipment, but also to people that can be done with improper use.3.  TenMarks:  I like that it is interactive and that the instructor can view the student progress at any point.Thinkfinity:  I like this one because it is also interactive and I think the students will like the game and therefore be more likely to do the assignment.  Since both are interactive the instructor can check and monitor the time and work to make sure students are staying on task and progressing.4.  Animoto Videos;  I like this one for the digital storytelling which allows the student to be creative while learning a necessary ;  I like this one because the students can download this once and then it is available to them even when the internet isn't.5.  They can use the calendars to keep the schedule of their assignments, they can access and read various texts, and use the digital storytelling in numerous ways.

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